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An exhibition of inhibition
Creativity versus Inhibition... does one cause the other?

Yes. Creativity is an active attempt to get what you're hiding inside expressed to the world in a palatable way. So that you can validate yourself and have a forum for expressing your deepest, subconsciousness. Something that is usually tucked away all nice and neat. Conversely, inhibition is a method for parking and protecting your personal thoughts in a "safe" environ only causing more fertile thoughts that must get out.

We're social creatures. We must interact. We have cultural taboos, do's n don'ts, etiquette and rules for engagement. A lot of times there is no way to get your feeling or thought through all of these conventions for interaction. Well, creativity is one way and I believe that creative people are some of the most inhibited and rail against themselves and the inhibited are some of the most creative crippled by their own reality regarding other's feelings.

I digress well, so let's, shall we?

Consider, if you will what creativity is. It's an inner expression of one's desire to put their mark on the world. I think it's very powerful in men since we can't create life. Hey women, don't misunderstand my statement. I did not say there was a difference in creative ability, but I won't apologize for saying we have more drive. Creativity is our ONLY way to contribute. You guys can create life. Wow. An inner expression to put a mark on the world, make a difference, create something new. We're social creatures so a safe assumption is that this is at a societal or at least community level. Recognition, validation whatever. Well society is defined by culture. Culture is what makes us human as it is our "natural" defense against the world and it is our life. So creativity, especially from an artistic point is one's summary of their mind, body, heart and soul. Powerful stuff and relevant only to the culture within which it was created.

What do I mean?

Like or dislike can only occur if understanding and world view are in synch. How can a piece of art, like something Sagmeister might do, really bother a culture that knows nothing about this "art". It can't. They can comment on it, but have it bother them? No way. And I mean bother at the core of you.

That being said, one can study and learn about a new culture by first examine their art. Because art or creativity is the window to all four facets of one's being you can get a good snapshot of what makes that culture tick. Especially if you can study all of the works of art en masse. You're seeing into their world view and through it. Not just discovering it.

To use myself as an example I have great fear over executing an illustration every time I am assigned one. I will grout tile, prune shrubs, get a manicure before I'll sit down and start work. Even though, every time, I execute well and have something very nice. It's never not happened. But I go fetal every time I sit down to put pen to paper. Why is that? This nagging question is what caused me to write this essay.

I believe it's me somehow getting myself into a safe spot, a "happy place" that feels protected and secure. So that I can then create unfettered. If I was not inhibited I couldn't do such a public work. Too many distractions, too many opinions, too many options. But by shutting down I am able to focus on the task at hand and be very selfish. And there it is. Creativity is selfish. It should be since it's the summary/snap shot of your view on culture from every part of your being.

The opposite works this way: inhibition can stifle ones ability to express themselves socially. But, art, for whatever reason has long been a place that all is possible, all is acceptable and all is validated or justified because it's supposed to e odd or those that do it are odd. So inhibited folks have a default outlet for their commentary on culture and society and it's credible.

I believe this means anyone can be creative. It's just the fear or the unknown that's holding them back. Use this outlet of expression to get your commentary out there. In whatever form: art, buildings, molecules, new ideas, politics. Just be creative.

Or if you are always out there and in the public's eye or always in social situations and need privacy retreat into yourself and hide within the wonderful imagination you've been blessed with and get re-inspired.

| patrick |

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