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Case Study: Your Dentistry Today Stationary
Brand evolution...it's easy.

Your Dentistry Today is a local dentist office located in Greenville with a second office in West Chester.

Your Dentistry Today is a Burning Brain favorite. We've been working with Dr. Michael Matthias for over 4 years now. We actually upgraded his logo and identity 4 years ago for the grand opening of his new Greenville office.

We worked closely with him capturing what he considers to be most important about his practice. Of course clinical, clean and healthy teeth are his main mission. But what he really wants to do is create, maintain and cause smiling!

Bright, shiny smiles. So when we began with the Dr. Dentist we focused on not having teeth, or brushes or other standard dentist cliches. Here is the original logo redesign we did:

We tried to create abstract art that brought you into the smile. It was a nice improvement over his old "tooth" logo.

As Your Dentistry Today grew in scope and size one thing remained consistent...great smiles. Dr. Matthias has done live TV clinics on great smiles and really has a passion for it.

When he approached Burning Brain to redesign his stationary ensemble we took the chance to surprise him with a logo "brightening and whitening" of our own.

We felt the existing logo had served it's purpose and really helped to give YDT a solid foundation from which its brand could grow and evolve. Now we wanted to set it free!

We used more modern fonts, made the word "DENTISTRY" have a toothy feel of it's own and added a tag line that was to the point. We also made the smile less abstract and more illustrative.

We made the smile the hero by freeing it from the box, attaching the words to it and used classic illustration techniques to literally "frame the teeth". By simply making the second color black instead of light blue we were able to add dimensionality to the the toothy grin by outlining the teeth with black. Classic masters realized early on that black, used sparingly, can really bring an illustration to life. If you look at your own face you'll see that the interior corners of your eyes, your nostrils and the corners of your mouth are the darkest.

When illustrating, the easiest way to bring things into focus is to hit it with pure black! The second also allowed smaller details to stand out more. See the detail illustraion above.

We also cleaned up his stationary and business cards so that they were fresher and more useful. Dr. Matthias does a lot of corresponding and wanted more functional letterhead with lots of space. So we complied. Then we worked his business cards to match. We think that this exercise in simple brand evolution worked quite nicely.


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