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Elegance in Advertising:
Mine that gold and those jewels for
new ways to express and "empress".

- Alan Sklut, Contributing Author

Tired of wearing those stupid name tags at networking and other social functions? How cool would it be if your business logo was an elegant lapel pin as fine jewelry on your suit. Well designed and unique pins are a great conversation starter and good looking jewelry is always admired. Also, jewelry representing your business is a legitimate advertising expense.

Fine jewelry as an advertising piece and signature jewelry for an awards program is now available from Diamond Empress.

Diamond Empress is the creation of Alan Sklut, a Wilmington native who has been in the jewelry and gem trade for over 25 years working with some of the areas finest retailers and world wide gem purveyors. He is one of the areas still yet to be discovered treasures, creating one-of-a-kind jewelry using his amazing gem collection to blend vivid color and bold metal into jewelry of beauty, grace and power.

“The visual representation of any business is one the most important messages we send to our clients. Your logo as fine jewelry becomes a magnet of interest to everyone you meet”, says Alan.

Alan works with each customer personally taking them through each step of production from concept, gem selection, models and the final product. Alan creates designs that vary from classic and contemporary concepts to antique detailing; and when diamonds are used, they always glitter with “Ideal Cut” diamonds.

Have a project in mind? Need a jewelry present to celebrate a special occasion or reward yourself for a job well done? Contact Alan at 302-832-3285 or email him at jewelry@diamondempress.com for more information.

The American Gem Trade Association represents North America’s most prominent professionals in the business of selling natural gemstones and pearls with full disclosure of treatment and/or enhancement with every sale.

Want more info? Go to www.agta.org Here are some designs:


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