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Free Parking - Wilmington
There's no excuse not to have fun downtown.

This is a short article. But it's important because it will help you overcome some of the challenges that you might think you would face going out in Wilmington.

The dreaded parking situation. Fret not, Burning Brain is here to help.

It's really not bad, especially after 5pm. At that point any metered parking is free and usually available. The city staff are off duty and heading home and the city is very interested in your patronage so they relax a little. You're more than welcome to feed the meter if you like, but it's absolutely unnecessary.

Or, you can use one of two parking garages next door to each other and be within two blocks of most restaurants in downtown. The City garage on 11th and West or the CSB garage on 11th and Orange. Costa's and Cafe Mezzanotte do 100% validation for the City garage and Deep Blue does 50% validation in the CSB lot. The CSB lot is only $3.00 after 5pm.

What a steal!

From either garage you can walk to the following within two to three blocks: Cafe Mezzanotte, Deep Blue, Costa's, Theatre N, Hotel DuPont, the Grande, Sugarfoots, Mikimoto's, WSAH, Domaine Hudson and any number of smaller establishments.

So let's get over this topic and start going downtown again! It's just as foot-friendly as Trolley Square, only more grown-up!

| patrick|


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