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Let's Start Rutting
An "eight-pointer" that gets the "dough"!

If you live in Delaware you know there is a predictable business cycle predicated on the migratory patterns of bipedal hominids in a southerly direction during the summer.

Rut is also a seasonal phenomena that happens predictably enough during the fall and has great implications on the survival of whitetail deer.

So, taking both of these points into consideration: how do you plan to mark your territory and make yourself all pretty for your market just in time for the glut of business that will come northbound on RT 1 this fall? Your competition has a plan to win the "dough." So should you.

Here's the tip (or "eight points")....

Touch 'em. That's right, touch them. And keep touching them. Not in some unprofessional and morally questionable way. But make sure that they know you're there. And, more importantly, why you're there.

You will find that if you "touch" a prospect, client or partner 8 or more times they will have you top of mind for that very special moment "when they're ready!" Know what I mean?

Why do you think a buck is magnificent? And dominant? It's because he's put a lot of work into making it very clear why he's around and what he's good at. He's also worked on his overall presentation getting that rack all shiny and redecorating his space. He has to be appealing and he has to be sure that the "dough" has made the best choice and the competition has no question about his authority.

We have the same problem as business owners. When that "dough" returns from the beach we have to be ready for it. So spend some bucks effectively.

Do a simple direct mail campaign in concert with networking at County Chamber events and personally contacting your prospects via phone, email or dates. This doesn't have to be expensive. Contact Steve at ZZHouse and get a quote for a 6 to 8 postcard campaign that will be mailed once a week. Get the small postcards to keep postage down. Make them personal and simplify the message. Make your intentions clear. You don't want to scare the "dough" off with any misunderstandings or startle them with your magnificence. Start the whole campaign July 15 and you'll be all set for the fall.

Here's the cool part: if you do the postcard campaign, attend some Chamber events and send some emails or phone calls out. Or even, better, make coffee dates, you will have touched your potential "dough" 10 to 12 times without them noticing or you doing too much work. And you won't spend a ton of money. Just the postcard design, printing and postage. I guess you could count the coffee you buy too. But c'mon, that's nit-picking.

If you keep the postcards, your emails and phone calls and the agendas of your coffee dates integrated, focused and simple you will make it clear to your prospect that you're the one. When they're ready to make a decision related to your service (sorry) or product guess who's going to get the call?

I don't want to scare you but if you're a loyal reader I've touched you five times already. What's worse? If we've crossed paths at said events or socially somewhere around town, I've touched you 8 or 9 times already.

Want to come up for a night cap? ;)

| patrick |

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