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A Dozen Things To Do on Valentines Day

--Carol Robinson

If you find yourself without a date on the holiday that celebrates love and romance, please don’t wallow in loneliness. You’ll only make it worse. Here is a list of things you can do to enjoy Valentines Day when you’re one person short of a couple.

1. Look and feel your best. Hit the salon for a shampoo and haircut. You can “go all the way” and treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, facial and a relaxing massage.

2. Do your part to help fight heart disease. Consider making a Valentines Day donation to the American Heart Association (www.americanheart.org), a non-profit organization that has been working to reduce deaths from cardiac disease since 1924.

3. Are you one of those lucky people with a friend who has stuck with you through thick and thin or helped you through a difficult time? Surprise your loyal buddy by showing your gratitude with a token of your appreciation.

4. Take in a movie that features your favorite celluloid crush. Better yet, make it a romance marathon! And remember the popcorn and Milk Duds.

5. Are you suffering from a broken heart? If you do, it’s natural to feel worse on Valentines Day, but it’s also a great day to begin repairs. Do whatever you need to do to help yourself; read inspirational self-help books, cry on the shoulders of your friends and family, or make an appointment with a therapist. Take it slow and avoid diving into the rebound relationship. Like you would any other body part, allow your heart the time it needs to heal. You wouldn’t want run a marathon right after you broke your leg.

6. Looking for love? Make a list of the character traits of your ideal mate. Then ask yourself if you possess those traits. Be honest. If the answer is “no” then perhaps it’s time to cultivate them. The best way to attract someone you admire is to mirror that person.

7. Keep it ticking. We often forget that our heart is our most important muscle. Have you had it checked lately? If you’re up to it, go to the gym for a special Valentines Day cardio workout.

8. How about some Valentines nostalgia! Remember exchanging those pink and red heart-shaped paper Valentines cards with classmates when you were in elementary school? Google the name of a crush you had when you were nine years old and see what pops up.

9. Do you have your eye on someone? Have a little fun with this Valentine’s Day Magic Spell.

You’ll need your choice of a red candle (to conjure up passionate love) or a pink candle (for romantic love), a Valentines Day card with an envelope and a pen.

Light the candle. Write a Valentines Day card to your object of desire and sign your name. Slide the card into its envelope and drip wax from the candle to seal it. Let cool and place it in the bottom of your underwear drawer. According to legend, you will hear from your beloved and learn their intensions by June 14.

10. Who loves ya, baby? Remember to wish Mom and Dad a Happy Valentines Day.

11. Take a long, luxurious bath. Add your favorite music, scented bubbles, and candles. Sip your favorite wine while you soak.

12. Take yourself out on a date. Try a new place for a change of scenery. Enjoy your own company. Or sit at the bar and socialize. It’s possible that you’ll meet a like-minded soul that will lead to friendship or something more. Just like you, they could be reading this list of things to do for Valentines Day at this very moment. You never know…


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