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Case Study: Toscana To Go Scion Wrap

Mobile graphics? Outdoor advertising? Interactive design?
Cool work, period?

For Burning Brain the answer is a collective "Yes!"

When we're engaged on a project as high profile as this we take all of the angles. We also make sure that we have the experts on board to be sure the final product is built correctly.

In this case we engaged Signs Now out of Newark, DE to help us get the job done correctly. A lot goes into the production of something "cool" and details can be overlooked so having an experienced partner to reign in the client and their overly excited design team helps. It's a good thing that the overly excited design team is Burning Brain because we're not too crazy to know what we don't know.

Getting an idea out into the world is hard enough. Wrapping it around cool Japanese autombile design? Not impossible, but it sure is more challenging than laying type down on Neenah Paper 80lb text Peppercorn recycled US letter for stationary. Get the point?

Client: BigChefGuy
Engagement: Full agency services
Challenge: New delivery van graphics
Software: Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop
Vendor: Signs Now


  • BigChefGuy requests concepting for new Toscana To Go van
  • Vehicle is acquired
  • Research done on vehicle size, make and customization
  • Art concepts developed
  • Art presented
  • Changes suggested by client
  • Changes implemented
  • Vendor engaged
  • Vendor changes suggested
  • Vendor supplies template
  • Final artwork tailored to
    • Client needs
    • Vendor needs
    • Market survey
  • Artwork produced and delivered
  • Vendor prints and applies


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