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Case Study : Ultrafine Solar Tech Nanoparticle Web Site

Burning Brain is constructing a web site that will be appealing to
venture capitalists as Ultrafine seeks second and third round funding.

We are organizing their messaging and presentation in such a way
that their already excellent product and features explanations are
more corporate and digestible for non-technical investors and future

Creating excitement around feasible solar panels

Burning Brain excels at putting "sizzle" on the "steak." Well, Ultrafine has one heck of a steak to offer. A big thick slice of scientific specifications and jargon. Technically accurate and compelling, but very dry to consume.

We're adding color, dynamic graphics and cleaner copy on the top level pages of the site so that casual and lay web readers can get a quick and accurate idea of what's being offered.

Then, after deciding the site is what they're looking for we'll have the technical white papers, specifications and patent information on hand so that they can decide if this product is really for them.

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