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In Progress : Toscana Catering Dodge Sprinter
Full vehicle wrap for brand building/presence in the community
along with Interstate 95 trecks to Philly

Toscana Catering is all over Wilmington. They are invited to some of the best parties in town to cater and bring a positive experience to the party-goers and to make the hosts look good.

Toscana Catering's venerable pink van, the famous pink van, seen for years all over the place is retiring. In its stead a shiny, new, white Dodge Sprinter was purchased. It has more room, a better look and modern features. It was also a perfect place to extend the Toscana outdoor advertising program.

The recently completed Toscana To Go Scion Wrap Project has started a wave of image focus within the BigChefGuy world.

Burning Brain Creative Studios is in the process of nailing down a creative direction that keeps the old effort in tact while modernizing the graphics to take advantage of the new vehicle shape and size.

Once the artwork is approved we will use Mark Carlson from Signs Now to finish the job. He was instrumental in providing us with manufacturer line drawings for art placement. His experience in installing the wraps also plays into our graphic design as we must be aware of handles, rubber and other elements on the van that will interfere with installation and clarity

Here are some preliminary sketches:

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